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Alkyl Polyglucoside APG0810

    1.Nonionic surfactant made from natural fatty alcohols and glucose derived from renewable plants.
    2. Superior detergency, wetting and surface active ability.
    3. High solubility in concentrated alkaline solutions and other electrolytes and will solubilize other less soluble ingredients.
    4. Good compatibility with all other types of surfactants and synergistic effects can be found. It can improve the mildness of formulations significantly.
    5. Produces rich and stable foam.
    6. Non-toxic, non-irritating to skin, readily biodegradable.

Property and application:

Alkyl polyglucoside APG0810 is with low irritation to skin, good compatibility, without negative effect, rich ,delicate, stable and emulsifying bubble, so it is suitable for the application in  the high-end personal care products: shampoo, cleanser, hand sanitizer and baby shampoo& shower gel.

Alkyl polyglucoside APG0810 is with different carbon chain, when it is used in laundry liquid, it can reduce the friction between clothes, improve pine canopy of fabric, softness of fiber and cotton, which make cloth with a good feel.

When Alkyl polyglucoside APG0810 is mixed with anionic surfactant in dishwashing detergent, the dishwashing detergent have better property of oil remove, good foam, especially the excellent compatibility of skin, there is not any harm to skin, moreover, its green and environmental. Due to Alkyl polyglucoside APG0810’s high alkaline resistance, it could be used in special detergent, furniture cleaning, cleaning industry as hard surface cleaning, textile industry as refining agent to resist high temperature.

Alkyl polyglucoside APG0810 is a green surfactant, so it could be applied to bubble water and oil exploration as excellent foaming agent.

Technical specification:

Appearance,25Colorless/light yellow liquidLight yelow liquid
Solid content(wt%)50.050.0
PH(10% solution)11.5-12.511.5-12.5 
Free alcohol(wt%)0.31.0
Sulfated ash(wt%)≤3.0≤3.0
Butyl glucoside00
Surface Tension (mN/m) ,25 27-3027-30 


Transportation, storage, package

1.    This product is non-hazardous material, transported as normal chemicals.

2.    Stored under normal temperature for two years.

3.    Package:

        (1)200kg or 220kg/plastic drum; 80 drums/20’ container;

        (2)1100kg/IBC drum; 18 IBC drums/20’ container 


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