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Flame Retadant and Plasticizer TCPP

    Soluble in benzene, alcohol, ester and other organic solvent,not soluble in water. Good retarding ability for containing phosphor and chlorine, and also has merits of plasticizing, moisture-proof, anti –static and so on. Widely used for retarding PVC, plastic, phenolic resin.


Chemical name : tri-2- chlorine propyl phosphate

Simple name : TCPP

Property and usage :
    Soluble in benzene, alcohol, ester and other organic solvent,not soluble in water. Good retarding ability for containing phosphor and chlorine, and also has merits of plasticizing, moisture-proof, anti –static and so on. Widely used for retarding PVC, plastic , phenolic resin

Technical index

  1. Appearance: non-color to light yellow liquid

  2. Acid value (mgKOH/g): ≤0.1

  3. Water content (%): ≤0.1

  4. Specific gravity (20℃): 1.27-1.31

  5. Viscosity (20℃): 56-58mm2/s

    Common additive use level: about10%


    Package transportation and storage :

Package: 250kg/iron drum; 1250kg/IBC drum; 20-25ton/ISO tank

Transportation: non-dangerous chemicals

Storage time: a year in seal container


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