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Polyether Amine T403

    Physical property:
    Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow with slight haze
    Color, Pt-Co:  50 max
    Primary amine, %of total amine: 90 min
    Total acetylatables, mmol/g: 6.5-7.1
    Total amine, mmol/g: 6.1-6.6
    Water, wt%: 0.30max


CH3CH2CCH2[OCH2CH(CH3)]YNH2             X+Y+Z=5-6



 T-403 polyetheramine is one member of a family of polyamines having as their backbones repeated oxypropylene units.  T-403 is a trifunctional primary amine having an average molecular weight of approximately 440. Its amine groups are located on secondary carbon atoms at the ends of aliphatic polyether chains.

 T-403 is light in color, low in viscosity and vapor pressure, high in primary amine content and completely miscible in a wide variety of solvents including water.


Physical property:
 Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow with slight haze
Color, Pt-Co:  50 max
Primary amine, of total amine: 90 min
Total acetylatables, mmol/g: 6.5-7.1
Total amine, mmol/g: 6.1-6.6
Water, wt%: 0.30max


T-403 undergoes reactions typical of primary amines. It is closely akin to another product  D-230, and finds use in similar applications. Thus, T-403 is used primarily in epoxies, where it had certain advantages over its sister product. Coatings made from T-403, for example, will have somewhat better chemical resistance and color than those made from D-230.


Package, transportation and storage:
  1) 200kg/barrel with nitrogen or tank wagon
  2) Storage: one year in shadow
  3) Transportation:see MSDS


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